Thursday, 22 January 2015

SEO Plugins for Word Press websites

Word Press, a “plugin” is a minimal piece of code you can install to strengthen the efficiency of your Word Press site. If you’ve shied away from Word Press plugins for the reason that you’re unsure of how to use Word Press plugins or because you’re not sure how they will have an effect on your site, here are ten great plugins that will improve your site’s superb usability and make it more searches engine-friendly.


Akismet is a must-have for all Word press platforms sites. The most basic of WP plugins, Akismet blocks spam comments and thereby save you time. This spam filtration system plugin should be the first one you mount on your Word Press internet site.

Google XML Sitemaps

This extension is another must-have for anyone who wants search engine targeted traffic. The xml sitemap that this plugin provides makes it much easier for the major search engines to index chart your blog. The added bonus of this plugin is that it notifies major search engines that you’ve updated your site every time you create a new post.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

Two keys to internet site success are loyal readers and audience who visit multiple pages. In other words, what you don’t want is someone who visits your site just one time, reads one post, and then never profits again.
The yet another Related Threads Plugin, or YARPP, aims to solve this problem by bringing out visitors to your site to other content that could possibly also interest them. In creating a list of related posts, YARPP thinks about post titles, the content of the posts, tags you add to each post, and how you label your content.

All in One SEO Pack

The All in One SEO Pack is exactly what it looks like: it’s a plugin that helps you optimize your Word Press site for search engines. One WP skilled calls the All in One SEO Pack “one of the most simply powerful equipment for SEO” (Source: It generates META tags quickly, provides SEO integration for e-commerce sites based in word press plugins blogs, and increases your titles for SEO.

WP Super Cache

 WP Super Cache is one of the most popular plugins that solves this trouble by caching your Wordpress Developers in Bangalore pages as static HMTL. A reviewer on called the WP Super Cache “747% better than no cache”, a fact based on the requests per second, the time per request, and the move rate at which a WP site runs with the WP Super Cache plugin.


Sociable adds links to social book-marking sites, producing it easy for readers to bookmark your information and create buzz around your site. Sociable is a great way to get people conversing about your blog and get your content material noticed by new visitors.

Simple Tags

Simple Tags is a great SEO plugin with very deep features. It uses Yahoo! Term Eradication API, Tag the Net, and other terms to suggest tags for your content that are popular search terms, thus raising the probability that a well-thought-out tag will bring search engine targeted traffic to your site. If you decide you want to change a tag, you can edit tags en masse, shifting up to 50 tags at once.

SEO Smart Links

Google likes to see links that have keywords and phrases in them, and linking keywords to other relevant content on your site is one easy way to get search engine awareness. SEO Smart Links makes your job easier by automatically self-linking to other posts on your site by seeking out the right keywords. You will definitely see your traffic improve thanks to this plugin.


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