Friday, 19 December 2014

10 Ways to increase traffic of your Ecommerce website

 It is better late than never goes the popular adage. Hence, when you are resonating with the idea of successfully launching your ecommerce site with the dream and the goal of churning a lot of traffic and conversions, you can achieve it any time Web Design Agency Bangalore. The use of unique SEO strategies will play a major role in your goal achievement.

1. Cling on the Website

The website is a support to your brick and mortar retail shop making it possible for the people to shop online. Add the spunk of promotional coupons and make it known online to the public web designers Bangalore.

2. Handpick appropriate Keywords

Don't forget to inculcate the majorly used keywords without overstuffing it.

3. The social responsive sites

The mobile interactive sites are much wider in scope of attracting a new chunk of traffic which believe in mobile web surfing and have sidelined the PC's to the background. Also, there can be mini sites for multiproduct retail chains.

4. Social media connection

Having presence on platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, etc will definitely coax a larger traffic as the social media web designing companies in Bangalore users are many and there is also a need to maintain a continuous interaction with the fans of your product or brand.

5. Use of pictorial graphics

The use of Instagram for the Graphics is most apt and proven to be very effective means. If necessary you can also buy likes on the instagrams posted on social networks like Facebook.

6. Blogging for conversions

Having a blog and constant posting with new ideas on your products will attract more traffic.

7. The plethora of product information

Comparative product descriptions with higher focus on price along with the content must be the main agenda in Web Designing Services Bangalore.

8. Tried and tested direct marketing

Emails, messages to the known and prospective customers can be an encouragement to shop. Attract with discounts, coupons, events.

9. Back linking advantage

The linking of pages, content, good sites can go a long way.

10. Sign up with Google
The Google shopping are usable for a wider and faster reach with their catalogue showcasing a comparison with your product price, quality, website services in Bangalore etc.


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